five over three

A method for the practical realisation of complex rhythmic structures
by Wolfram Winkel

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PolyRhythm lite for desktop and mobile devices

Polyrhythms up to 8 beats by Wolfram Winkel


for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The app produces the most common rhythmic overlays (such as 5:3) using 
two different clicks accompanied by a display of the score.

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About the Method

The books Five Over Three (English version) and Die Rhythmik der Neuen Musik (original German version) are available worldwide at Percussion Brandt.

Life Kinetik®

Wolfram Winkel is Life Kinetik® trainer
and ambassador.
Horst Lutz and Wolfram Winkel are currently working together to create
Life Kinetik® Rhythmics.


About Wolfram Winkel

"He is another monster, too." Steve Reich

Wolfram Winkel is an independent percussionist and rhythmist.

Over the last 20 years he performed with some of the most significant musicians of our time. He teaches basic rhythm, polyrhythms and motor coordination at universities, ensembles and orchestras.

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